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Stop stress and doubt! You can enjoy your family and a profession that lights you up!

You are a woman and a mother and you do things differently. But you have been trying really hard to do things the way someone else told you to. Your parents, your teachers, your boss. You have been waiting for permission to really go for what you want. And now that you have so much going on in your life, kids, responsibilities and jobs, you are feeling stressed, out of control and constantly worried.

It is affecting your health, it is affecting your family and it keeps you away from creating a life that you really love. And you know that you are shying away to make choices in your current career and finances but you don’t really know where to start. But you know that something else is possible and you are ready to make a different choice. Being in your forties makes you realize you can’t wait forever!

But oh my gosh, if you could only ditch the headache, that stressful and tight feeling on your chest! You have that urge inside, to follow your passion, your female superpower. To help others in a way that you are REALLY good at. And the freedom of doing that designed around your family, feels sooo much better then that boss that is texting you to get things done when you just want to take your kids to the park…

And having kids is fantastic. But you work at the moment because you want to be valued for more than just your skills to make the perfect lunchbox, braids or ending fights! And I can tell you, you CAN enjoy your family and have a business or profession you are passionate about! Because really, there is nothing wrong with you,  you are just unique! Your way is so magnificent, you just haven’t seen it yet. Stop looking out of yourself. The way to get there is through your heart. Get out of your head, reconnect with your heart and you will change your entire world!


Let's explore your possibilities for joyful living now!

You are brilliant. You are unique. You are ready.  Let's do this differently!