Keep feeling frustrated and resentful?

Life is movement. In nature, there is movement. When fruit is no longer growing, it will rot. Water will be full of bacteria and a wounded animal who isn’t able to walk anymore, will be a prey in the end.

As a human being, our first experience as a baby, is being safe and warm in the womb. And year after year, you will try to recreate that experience of safety and comfort. You will resist growth, because you are obsessed with safety. And there you go… you will be stuck in the comfort zone. Ok… and what exactly is the problem with staying there? Isn’t it perfectly normal to want to be feeling comfortable and safe?

That is where it all starts. I soooo know the feeling. Out of fear and not knowing what I will have to face, I just stayed exactly where I was. Yes, I was trying to have new experiences once in a while, but felt too afraid and out of control when I really tried to do things differently. But I did have the signs of being stuck in the comfort zone: frustration, resentment, fear, inward-facing and feeling like a victim. I was trying to avoid risks.

Nature is made for growth, for expansion. So what happens when you decide to stay in the comfort zone filled with fear and control? Universal rules starts to apply. If you don’t create movement, life will provide you with movement anyway. The downside is, you can’t choose what kind of movement life will give you. But there will be movement. Either you move to feel tension for new things or life keeps throwing back the same stuff from the past. Over and over again. More intense.

There will be tension. There will be fear. What do you choose?

Future Tension                    Past Tension
* Energy flow                        *  Energy block
* Abundance                         *  Lack
* Living                                     *  Surviving

What can you do to avoid having to go through the same problems over and over again?

Think of a time when you felt alive and energized. Were you sitting at home watching tv in a chair? Or were you putting yourself at risk? Doing something you had never done before, not knowing how it would end. With creating future challenges for yourself, you can avoid that the same struggles come back in your life over and over again.  And no, you don’t have to move to the other side of the world.( Even though it is a pretty energizing experience!) And you don’t have to do crazy stuff all day.  Choose powerful commitments that are 20% out of your comfort zone. Create future tension in your life. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable and that make you come alive. A way better perspective then to keep going through pain and problems from the past again isn’t it?



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