How I defeated the snorkel dragon

Wow what a great holiday I just had! Living in Queensland has a lot of positive sides, one of them is having friends over and traveling with them to see the beautiful areas this country has to offer.

This long weekend I had the absolute pleasure to hang out in the Great Barrier Reef area, Port Douglas. And this time of the year there are no stingers in the sea, winter is the best time to be here and enjoy all the wonders of this area.

So, of course, we would go out for a trip on a boat. A good way to practice the act of surrendering, the sea wasnt very rough but the waves had the potential for some sea sickness. Why trying to control it and thinking there was anything I could do about it? I just kept looking to the horizon and enjoying the coral blue water and the dark reef below me.

I was on my way to a snorkeling stop to see the reef. And there it started, I am not so keen on breathing under water. I have made a few dives with oxygen before but the potential feeling of getting out of air, is never so tempting.

Snorkeling is a very good option and the crew asked who wants to join the beginner or advanced group. So what choice did I had? Just looking the dragon in the eyes and go with the advanced group or choosing fear and going with the beginner group? Even my kids were joining advanced I would be out in the open sea for a whileso looked it in the eyes, took a deep breath and there I go, just follow the leader!

And how rewarding it was! Beautiful fishes, coral and blue waters. And then, a little miracle happened, the guide didnt expect us to see one, but there was a turtle below us! Yes, yes, yes, I got all teary (not the smartest in a snorkel mask) but it was magnificent to witness.

Was it easier to not go with this group and let myself lead by the possible fears? Yes. Was it worth it going anyway and face the dragon? Absolutely!! And the upside is, focusing on all that was around me and that turtle, didnt give me any time to think about me. And the next time I will go out snorkeling, I have built my muscle a bit stronger and there wont be a snorkel dragon anymore. That doesnt mean that there will be no dragons at all. Maybe next time I will take another chance on deep sea diving with oxygen. At least I expanded my boundaries a bit more and I will continue to explore all the beauties that the sea has to offer me!

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