Let’s shine some light on darkness

This holiday I made an awesome trip to New Zealand. Green hills and spectacular views. Back home, it was time for a Lord of the Rings replay to experience that stunning landscape again!

And I love those tinny hobbits! Cute little houses where they live, awesome fireworks and an exciting trip ahead!

But… on no… before I was halfway, they already end up in fights with creepy Orcs! They needed to choose to pass the daunting, freezing way over the mountains or the shorter way through the underground mines… Seriously? Potential death by freezing cold or dying from no-mercy flames?

They picked the mines… and one of them dies…. And they kept going….

Yep, that is life. No height without lows, no fairy tale without dragons.

And it is so typical. Don’t you want a “happy” life? And would you prefer the light without the dark? Especially because the lows means discomfort, not knowing what to do and feeling like crap.

There is the beauty in physic laws. The law of polarity. Yin and Yang, love and hate, feeling good and feeling crappy.

I bet you prefer to get rid of that feeling. Of those moments of not knowing. And what, what if, those moments are your moments of moving forwards? This is the time where you need to find out what you want to move ahead.

Control or happiness. Seriously, It might sound ridiculous, but you can’t have both. NOT possible. The more you embrace the unsure times in life, the time of not knowing, not having it under control, it WILL lead you to feeling more free and happier. We are sooo addicted to control that we forget that the mines, the moments we feel crappy, will lead you there.

So let’s start to embrace is. The more you start to love the uncontrolled, not knowing part, the more you will grow. So look at it from a distance. Laugh at yourself. This will pass and you will find a solution. Take some time to meditate and reflect. Give yourself some space and you will defeat some dragons.

Frodo did came out of the mines and moved to the land of the loving Elves. At the end of the tunnel…there will be light….

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