Set your intention for more balance!

Staying balanced during your day can be quite a challenge…

You really hoped you would feel calm during the day but you feel swept off your feet when your kid drops the milk container or you end up in traffic when you are already late…

I soo hear you! The interaction with others and everything that life is trhowing at you, can make you feel powerless and doesn’t really help you to stay calm and kind during the day.

You know I like making life just a little bit easier, and I love doing that with not having to work harder. 😍

So a key to making your day more balanced and joyful it setting a clear intention, every time you start a new part of your day. When you move from your work environment straight into picking up your kids while still being in a focused state of mind, you feel the misalignment straight away when your hear yourself say that your kid isn’t quick enough.

Or if you just had a messy, arty afternoon with paint at the kitchen table and then you dail into a Skype meeting, hmm, your mind isn’t exactly in a professional state.

Sooo… take three minutes. every time you go from one part of the day to the next, take three. (And it will be even shorter over time).

I recorded this 3 minute meditation that will guide you to set your intention. It is really useful to listen to it a few times. Be mindful every time you go from one part to the next, to make sure you set your intention. Your thoughts will become things, that is the law of attraction. A set intention will help you to feel better, which will help you attract with more ease and you will end up with more joy!


Now you know you have a choice! Stumble from one thing into the next and wonder why you are so exhausted or start to attract more of what you want.

I know I am hooked to setting an intention to create balance into my day!

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