Don’t let your dreams fade away!

You feel inspired. You know what gift you would love to share with the world. To have a feeling of purpose and satisfaction.

But then doubt kicks in.

What if… no one will attend?

What if… my website isn’t good enough yet?

What if… it will never really work?

Don’t sweat. We all have those doubts and worries. What would be a pity, if you would let your dream fade away before you even start.

So what is the number one solutions for acknowledging this doubts AND at the same time don’t give up on your dreams?

Start small. Really small. And don’t even let your mind go to all the things that might go wrong. Because at the same time, think of all the things that probably will turn out pretty great!

So if you want to get a few women in the room to share your experiences with, invite some friends. It doesn’t matter if you will have 1 or 6 friends. Don’t worry about the results.

If you would love to pursue your dream to start teaching kids your amazing gift, get some kids together and enjoy the process! Is really doesn’t matter if it is a success or not. You are showing the universe that YOU ARE SERIOUS about this!

You will get more experienced, you will have a feel if you like it and the Universe picks up on good feelings and vibes and will bring you MORE of it.

When I first had the creative idea to start sharing more of my story with the world, I didn’t aim to get the best blog or aim for 200 readers. I started with writing blogs about my experiences in Australia. Did I had a great following? No? Was that the point? No. What it did thought me, what kind of style my audience liked. How to set up a simple website on my own. How to be consistent in my posting. It didn’t made real sense at the time, but it felt completely natural when I started to use blogging in my business a year later.  

So what small step can you decide to do to follow your purpose? Start small!

If you really feel you are on the fence right now and feel stuck and overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A one hour session can give you that AAH and insight why you keep procrastinating and will help you rewire and start telling yourself a way more empowering, uplifting inner dialogue!

So don’t stop pursuing your dreams. You know it is part of your destiny.

Don’t forget to send me an invite, can’t wait to see you sparkle!

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