Why scrolling on Facebook is a sabotaging habit

Let’s get real for a moment. Scrolling on Facebook is a sabotaging habit. Yes, it is…

Your days are busy.

There is a lot to do.

At work, they always ask you to take on another shift or little job.

Kids are a handful as well! They always leave their stuff everywhere. And just when you have some time to figure out where to spend your holiday break(which you so desperately need), they start fighting. Always.

So you end up at the toilet for a little bit of time for yourself. And you scroll on Facebook. Just like you did when you just woke up. And when the kids are in bed. At least you have a sense of having some time for yourself!


Scrolling on Facebook is an excellent sabotaging strategy of your ego. Your ego loves to keep you exactly where you are. It loves to throw some dust in your eyes right at the moment when you could have had a brilliant moment of clarity where to spend your holiday.

Because even if it is stressful or messy, at least your ego knows what will be coming and is used to that status quo. And your ego doesn’t want you to change the familiar. Even your kids seem to “smell” when you are having a me-time moment, they anticipate with what they are used to do, get you out of that moment ASAP and disturb you.

Sooo what can you do to avoid the self-sabotaging strategy to keep you where you are?

The next time you catch yourself scrolling on Facebook, ask yourself, hmm, what is my ego preventing me from? What is it that my ego wants me to NOT change? The ego even likes unhappy habits as long as it is familiar.

And what can you do to have those 20 minutes for yourself to google your next trip? The same way you would do if your boss would ask you to do a job. Schedule it in your dairy, preferably early in the day, and stick to those 20 minutes. Don’t let something get in the way. Give it the same priority. And don’t pay attention if your ego tries to delay you or put it off( because it will!).  If you notice that something seems to get in the way, Say “Thank you” to your ego and continue anyway.

You will be rewarded because it will feel like a treat for the heart and soul to spend those 20 minutes on something that is important to you. And that feels way better than 20 minutes wasted on Facebook. Guaranteed!




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