Let it gooo…!

I am doing it… I am one of them…

I follow the declutter method that Marie Kondo developed.

When I was in the Netherlands, I picked up a book from her and my sister didn’t needed it anymore. At the same time I saw the Netflix series Marie made.

Sometimes I just feel a deep urge. And this was one of them. I need this. I need to do this, right now.

So I started.

First with clothes. Her criteria is, does this sparkle me with joy? Something you have to get used to, I admit, but seriously, it works. I got rid of a lot of clothes. And now, that my closet is tidier and I can see everything that is in there, without piles of clothes, it does feel joyful. All the clothes in there, I like. And that feels good and makes me wear it with more joy and confidence.

And I love one part of her book. Something that I see a lot with my clients as well. There are two things that can hold you back from moving forward, not being able to let go of the past or not trusting the future. It is the same with decluttering. We keep stuff because we can’t let go of the memory or feeling it gives us. Or we keep it, “ just in case”. Which means you come from a place of lack instead of trust in yourself in the future.

So the decluttering is therapeutic. And it helps tremendously to train yourself to make quicker decisions based on joy and trust. Win-win if you ask me.

Is there something you can’t seem to move forward with? Ask yourself. Am I holding on to the past? Or am I not trusting in future? It can be that simple.
Then, decide what it is you can let go.
Or what change you can embrace.
And trust. Trust yourself that the future will work itself out. That you will work it out.

So for now, let’s sparkle some more joy!

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