Paperwork and…tears?

Kids back in school! We had a great holiday and the kids were excited to go back to school.
So now that I have the day all by myself, the declutter journey continues!

Today was part three of Marie Kondo’s declutter system. Paper. Grr. Not my favorite part. Where clothes and books can really sparkle joy for me, boring paper work… not so much.

But oh my god how therapeutic this day was! I am amazed by the mental challenges and growth this journey is bringing me. Something I am obviously very interested in, especially to help clients in their journey as well. A reason why we something can’t seem to move forward, is because we hold on to the past just a bit too much. Or we just don’t trust the future enough to let go.

There is a reason why Marie saves the emotional belongings to the bitter end of the process. Clothes can have good memories, books helps a lot what deciding on letting go and paperwork, should just be…boring.
But what if an envelop full of cards, pictures and drawings sneaks into the pill of paperwork? Not just any cards, but the cards we received when we moved to Australia from all our friends and family.
Oh no!! I think you can see this coming… a moment of mental breakdown AKA tears… I wasn’t ready for that yet! Lots of memories and emotions got released!
Because I believe we are exactly where we need to be in every moment in time, it was probably meant to be to go through that envelop filled with love and hugs today.

So I did get my therapeutically moments today. Again. And it was all good.

And what a difference it makes. As the methods advises, I collected ALL the paper work on the dinner table. Only then, I could see the total impact of how much paper I was holding on to. The hardest part of today, besides the envelop of course, was my pile of saved manuals and material form courses and workshops. I so love to keep all that stuff. But because I was determined to at least get rid of half of the stuff on the dinner table, I couldn’t keep it all. What was I holding on to? It was a matter of “ just in case”. What if that is something I can use in future workshops myself? What if I want to look back?
All false hope. If I hadn’t used it yet, what were the odds? So I was able to let go and have more trust in myself and my abilities in the future.

What a day… full of memories… full of letting go… what a joyful day…

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