There is nothing wrong with you…

Have you been in one of those situation before where you were told:
“All you have to do is be motivated”
Or you just “have to push through”
And maybe “think about it for a while”
For us women, It just doesn’t work like that. Being motivated seems like you have to ”do” something, get over yourself and get into it. Push through.

But you know what the deal is, you can tell yourself whatever you want in your thinking, conscious mind, but that only gets you so far. Your thinking brain only works in your favor for 10%. Your unconscious mind on the other hands, takes up 90% of your decision making in life.

And “thinking” about how to do it really takes you heaps of effort if your unconscious mind isn’t up for it at all. It is like pushing a car up a hill while it is in park mode. It is draining.
But while all our education and degrees are focused on developing your thinking brain, because we assume it is the part that is driving the bus. And we end up overthinking, worrying and looping. We are stuck in our head. And if you consider that your body is basically the embodiment of your unconscious mind, you will end up with all kind of physical problems because you unconscious mind is not on board and tries to give you all kind of signals for that.

And the thinking in your head is a male energy and not a female energy. Women mainly think and decide based on their intuition. Which is based in their body as well. So over the years, we flee from our body into our head and we disconnected from our true, powerful and divine female power.
And that is where the trouble began.
We feel disconnected from self…
We overthink…
We don’t trust our own judgement anymore…
We get anxious and overcontrolling…
We “think” there must be something “wrong” with us…
I can tell you… there is not.
If you recognize this, it only means you developed an attachment to thinking. There is nothing wrong and nothing need fixing.

Acknowledge where you are at. Nine out of ten this approach made it able for you to survive, especially if you are surrounded in a male dominated environment.
If you can do one thing today to get more in touch with your body and intuition, be kind.
Take a bath. Or, with this heat, a cold shower.
Book in a massage.
Take a walk in nature.
Use some nice body lotion after your shower.
Listen to a relaxing meditation.
Be kind.
In my coaching program this is always a significant part of the journey. There is nothing wrong with you, you are just on your way to find your way back.

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