It was so extremely beautiful to be a part of. Last week I could help a client forgive the past. The people in the past which were perceived to have been mean and hurtful.

From all the transformations I am blessed to be a part of, forgiveness is so extremely powerful.

With forgiveness, you don’t change the past, but you do change the future in a very profound way.

Feeling resentful and blame others is a burden for yourself even though you might not be aware of it. It is eaten inside of you and can even cause you physical pain that is stuck in your body.

Do you know who, in the end of the process, is the one who deserves forgiveness the most?


Because you weren’t able yet to see things differently. You didn’t had the power yet.

That is what forgiveness does.

It heals old wounds.

It transforms resentment into love.


Love for yourself. Because you can choose to let go.

And be free again.

If you feel like you are holding onto old pain, get in touch. Experience the transformation yourself. One of the highest form of self-love, I guarantee.

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