Small success

Did you moved from oversea?
Do you adore your kids AND do you want to set up a school hour business?
But do you also feel pretty impressed and even a bit dazzled about 6 figures years and 10K months and all you do is wonder… will I ever…?

I see you.

I tried it. I had a course that would lead me to my first 6 figure year. But they didn’t tell me it wasn’t tailored for mums and let alone overseas mums with no back up support system.
I ended up acting out of fear and I constantly felt I wasn’t doing enough. Kept over analysing and was stuck in my head. I was obvious I needed to ditch that to keep my sanity!

I learned the hard way, that being a passionate mum and wanting to run a part time service based business, isn’t always just about the 6 figures.

You are probably very passionate about your services AND want to pick up your kids after school. Or enjoy some priceless time off during holiday breaks. But you also feel an urgent, very powerful energy that is driving you to be more than a mum. To help others with your beautiful gift.

If you are looking to:
*Post without fear and from a place of joy
*Stop feeling frustrated and move away from over planning and perfection
*Create a solid foundation and YOUR personal roadmap to success
*Get the self-confidence to show up and create small wins. Over and over again.

Then I can recommend you to set up a 30 minute virtual coffee chat where I will gift you an assessment about what is going on and create awareness what you might not be seeing yet to shift to joy and consistent small successes. And I hear your, some days a small win is finding time to do social media in the car when your kids are playing sports. Instead of working on a gorgeous content plan in Bali.

I am a passionate coach and want to see you succeed with confidence. And not because you compare yourself or are shaking when you press “Post”. But from a place of heartfelt joy and connection.

Send me a pm or email to set up a time that suits you.

Looking forward to connect!

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