Voices in my head

I am grown up and live miles away. And still, the voices of the grownups when I was little, are always in my head. Not that I am aware of it, but they do. And the shitty thing is, as long I don’t recognize it as someone else opinion, I might even listen to it as well! When I look at it like that, it is almost funny. Me and my voices in my head.

What is not funny at all, if those voices are holding you back.
“You haven’t put enough effort into it” (AKA your work or even worst, YOU are not good enough)
“Couldn’t you see that coming? How stupid!” (AKA you failed, or even worst, YOU are a failure)
“How would you know? Listen to me!” (AKA you can’t trust your own judgement and intuition)
And yep. I heard them all. And more. Many, many more.

And when you have all those voices to listen to, you slow yourself down. You will always be waiting for permission from someone who influenced you as a child.

So what can you do about it?
1.Hide, slow yourself down, feel bad
2.Get help and change the way you look at those voices

I helped a beautiful lady who noticed something was slowing here down. The voice in her head, kept repeating that she wasn’t worth it. I worked with her and she was able to completely change the way she looked at herself. She was adopted and was still thinking she wasn’t worthy enough.

Change doesn’t have to take long. Once you had enough, it is my time, healing can happen in a heartbeat. You just need someone to guide you through the process. This lady felt instant lightness and was able to show up in her business knowing this was her calling and she was totally worth it.

If you notice constant chit chat in your head and would love to move through this, then I can recommend you to set up a 45 minute virtual coffee chat where I will gift you an assessment about what is going on and create awareness what you might not be seeing yet to shift to joy and consistent small successes. And I see you, some days a small win is just finding 30 minutes to work on your amazing business idea. Don’t let the voices in your head keep you from it.

It is your time to show up and spread your brilliance. From the heart, not out of fear from someone in your far past.

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