Take ten!

Back to school! Back into routine.

That first week is always a week where your head is still in time-off mode but school demands high pace. NOW!

Don’t think you are alone in this. You are not. Your body needs to get back into routine and getting used to making lunchboxes, looking for lost hats and early pick up times.

Best back-to-school tip? Take 10. Take ten minutes every morning before the rest of the house wakes up. (Or buy a noise cancellation head phone 😉). Take some time to do some stresses, take a short meditation and write down what needs to be done.

It saves you waking up and needing to get STRAIGHT into action mode.

A life saver for me.

But what to do if you are not getting any further with feeling calm? Do you notice you yell way too much and feel like you need to catch up on everything all the time?

I see you. Having ambitions for yourself and managing a family is no pick nick! If you feel ready, shoot me an email: lieke@innerpowersolutions.com.au and we can have an obligation free chat to see if I can help you set up a schedule to create calmness in your busy-ness.

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