Busy… or rather not?

Have you ever considered in what kind of crazy busy society we live?
That it basically is the norm to have lot’s to do and be “busy”?

Deep in our DNA are we designed to make sure our needs are met. Our need for food and shelter. And also the need to have a feeling of scarcity because that is what keeps us alert and focused to always look out for more. Which was super handy back then, in a cave, but not so much if most of our basic and even more needs are fulfilled.

The next time someone ask you how you are, would you be ok with telling them you feel calm and in control? You probably think, no way, right! Because we also have a basic need to fit in. A never ending cycle until… you choose to step out. To wander, what is really important for me? Do I want to “ spend my time” or create valuable connections with family and friends? Without checking emails and Facebook or with a job you don’t really like.

I challenge you. Come up with one thing, only one thing, you can stop doing right now, to slowly escape the busy-ness race. Take a walk instead of a Netflix break. Or play a boardgame.

If you feel like there is just too much that needs to be done and you have no clue where to start, don’t shy away to shout me a message: lieke@innerpowersolutions.com.au. That might actually be the best thing you can do for yourself today to stop the busy-ness and start creating calmness in your days.

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