Why your life is simular to Pokemon

What is the similarity between Pickachu and your life?

This weekend I watched the movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu in the cinema with the boys.
It is so beautiful how similar the life of the character is compered to yours.

21-year old Tim’s dad was brought up with a Pokemon trainer. He was surrounded by Pokemons and loved it. Then he grew up. He felt too mature and rejected the Pokemons.

Then a dreadful event happens, his dad dies. All of a sudden, Pickachu walks into his life and offers to be his partner. Tim rejects him.
But Pickachu is determined and committed and keeps hanging around. He shows up everywhere, whether Tim likes it or not. Until they are threatened and forced to work together. Then they realise, they have to be partners so they can reunites their powers. They are much stronger together! And they do have the same higher goal!

Tim is the adult, the grown up that you are now. Pickachu your inner child, the part you tend to ignore and push away, you are grown up now right? But the inner child is persistent as well. Will make noise. Will show itself through physical signals of pain. Until you get it. You HAVE to join forces. You cannot push it away. Only when you reunite with your inner child, you will be stronger. You can nurture her needs while nurturing your adult needs. You will be happier and more connected, feel peaceful because you know you serve the same higher goal, to feel good and feel happy! Just like Tim and Pickachu!

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