Today I would like you to give yourself permission.

Permission to just give it a go and not knowing if it will be good

Permission to take a long, hot bath with your favorite book

Permission to yell at your kids when they are fighting for the hundreds time. Just because you are human.

Permission to not give a shit what others think and start writing a blog

Permission to burn you to-do list now and start writing a to-wish list

Permission to not have figured it out yet and be OK with that

Permission to skip your daughters reading class and take her for a hot chocolate

Permission to wash the sheets tomorrow and call a girlfriend to watch a movie

Permission to figure out how to make a website and not doing it perfect at all

Permission to dance like no one is watching. And no one will, because they are all looking at their phone anyway

Permission to start before it is perfect

Permission to buy a noise cancelation headset so you can read a book while the Xbox is on

Permission to put your phone aside and start painting WITH your child instead of you being only half present

Permission to make heaps of mistakes, it really is part of the journey

Permission to plan a massage and pay cash so no one can track where you spent your afternoon

Permission to take another piece of chocolate. Just because you had an absolute shitty day

Permission to ask your husband that you would really like a foot massage. Even if dinner isn’t ready yet

Permission to stop surviving and start living

Permission to make the chooses that make YOU happy and fulfilled, not just others

Permission to look in the mirror and accept yourself

Permission to no longer accept stress as a part of your life

Permission to stop waiting till someone else gives you permission

Permission to feel calm and at peace, just because you CAN

Permission to just be who you are with all the flaws and mistakes. Because it is your time to listen to what you need and act on it.

You are worth it sister…more than worth it…

Do you struggle with giving yourself permission? Do you feel that something is holding you back and you can’t put your finger on it? Just send me an and we will set up a chat. You have permission to live with ease, you really do.

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