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Yesterday a mum told me:” Oooh, having kids is sooo rewarding!”. BS ALERT! Yes, having kids is a calling and I would do anything for them, but just shouting that, tells me there is more going on. I love this saying: “ When the grass is greener on the other side, there is probably more shit underneath.”

My cool FB pics are only a small part of my life.
I go first, I admit. I sometimes pull my hear out when they fight again. I yell at them and threat to take away their screen time just because I JUST DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!!

And because I am a woman AND an individual as well, I want to feel valued and appreciated for OTHER skills then making lunchboxes and ending fights.

That is where finding a fulfilling and purposeful job or business is a no-brainer for my sanity. And that doesn’t mean a shitty job with a demanding boss who doesn’t have to cook, buy birthday presents and comfort bad nightmares. Yes, money is a factor in feeling valued. But girl, trying to fit in a male driven environment and definition of success is the recipe for feeling exhausted and stressed.

And the stress often kicks in because:
*We are females! We are designed to primary take care of kids. If you don’t change your mindset that you can have both, you will always feel that internal struggle.
*You go down the rabbit hole of overthinking and worrying. It is like Alice in wonderland but loosing the path all the time. You have to know what you are after.
*You nervous system is overloaded and you put yourself last. STOP IT. Seriously, not useful. NEVER.
*No one ever taught you how you can gain self-trust and confidence WITHOUT the guilt with ease.

And now you are there, probably in physical pain because you keep ignoring the signals. Anxious and stressed. Thinking there is something wrong with you.

Stop fooling yourself. There are better and easier ways to enjoy your family and feeling valued in a way that lights you up.
If you want to know how I help my clients do that, send me an email: and I will tell you more about my calm-mums program. Obligation free and you will always hang up the phone with clarity and insights. Promised.

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