Rainy days

Happy days, shitty days. I have them too. Being in the calm mum movement, doesn’t mean my life is a big gospel of hallelujah’s all the time. It most surely isn’t. You know why?

Because I am human.
And imperfect.
And I fail.
And I have breakdowns.
And meltdowns.
My period.
Rainy days.
And I-wanna-stay-into-bed-days.

But I still feel a calm mum. The difference is in what I tell myself on those rainy days.
I changed “ Oh my gosh, what is wrong with me for not keeping it together?”
Into: “Bummer, one of those days. Let’s go to bed early and don’t put to much pressure on myself today”.

The emotions I feel aren’t different. The way I interpretate them is.

And it is a matter of practice to change the way you talk to yourself. The gorgeous women I work with, choose to take the short cut. Where I help them with mindset technics to just not go there anymore. And mindset changes aren’t abracadabra but once you experience it, it definitely feels like magic!

Don’t be a prisoner off your own mind. You know when the right time is there to send me an email:lieke@innerpowersolutions.com.au. I am here for you. We will be in touch soon.

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