How it all started…

I still remember, when I started to feel the shift inside, that deeper calling that I needed to change direction. That where I was, was not where I was meant to be.
I truly enjoyed my tribe and colleagues at work and the contribution I was making, but I knew I was made for a spiritual journey to help and guide others to be the highest version of themselves. I knew something needed to change.

So my quest started. My current business didn’t happen overnight. I started from a place that often is the best place to start, where I was right then, at that moment. If you wonder where to start you quest for the next chapter in your life, you can start with your current pain. What was traumatic or highly painful or stressful but made you stronger than ever before? “Your biggest pain can be your biggest profit”. This is where you can lead with and show others the way.

So I started. I started where I was still experiencing quiet some pain, my gut, my bowl, my food.

My first workshop was with five gorgeous friends from an intuitive course I was doing at the time. I taught them simple, family friendly diary and gluten free recipes. I didn’t had a website, I didn’t had a fb page. I did knew exactly what logo and colors I wanted for my website because I was searching for that for months. I bought a new table cloth and colorful plates and cups because I was dreaming about that for weeks and it needed to look gooood!

I made a simple Word document with the recipes and I didn’t care about prices, I just wanted to teach and give them a great experience.

Was it perfect? No. Did I had a great turn up? No. Did I made money? No.

But… I had the BEST lesson I never could have had without that first workshop. I learned quickly, that food, the preparation, the time it took me, wasn’t my cup of tea.

Oh my gosh was I happy I didn’t invest in logo’s, websites and more!

I learned:
• There is no perfect plan. It just doesn’t exist!
• You can toss and turn FOREVER but you will gain NOTHING out of it. Yeah, more worry and doubt.
• Starting low cost, with friends at home was so brilliant because it took the pressure of the money side.

So, if you are waiting for the perfect time to test your brilliant serve based business idea, I can tell you, there isn’t. Start before you are ready and let the insights and lessons come through the action.

If you are tossing and turning for a looooong time, don’t hesitate to book in an obligation free phone call. I help women just like you, stop planning and start doing. It is your time! Just send me an email on

Will it be one day or day one?

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