DON’T do what you love


Did I really wrote that down?

Me, the one who is always talking and writing about purpose?

Don’t worry. I still know in my bones that you are made for more then you are doing now. And that you can find more peace and joy in doing it.

But is following what you ‘like’ to do the right approach?
If you love food, you might dream of having a food truck.

But really, is that THE dream? Being on the road, in a sweaty truck making long hours? On festivals where others are really enjoying their free time?
I am telling you; you might want to find another dream 😉

Being stuck in a high demanding job sucks. I know.

But starting a web shop because you love knitting so much, can be tricky.
Do you know that running a business is 80% marketing? So, if you are not a fan of doing that, don’t go there.

Ok, but what is the best approach?

Find something you are good at. Because doing that, puts you in the zone, gets you focused and gives you a high level of achievement and contentment. And 9 out of 10 others will pick up on that very quickly as well.
I call it middle ground.

But still, the most important key to all of this, you will experience freedom and inner peace when you feel you have a CHOICE. When you feel a victim of your circumstances, you have some work to do sister.

One of my gorgeous clients realized she didn’t particularly want to move back home but felt she didn’t have a choice in her job. She was seeking freedom and found it by doing what she was already good at, but now in her own business instead of working for a demanding boss.

Where is your sweat spot in doing what you are good at and enjoying it as well?
Would love to hear your thoughts!

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