Tough love

Last term of the year. In three months’ time we will raise our glasses to welcome 2020.

So buckle up, it is time for some tough love. To take even more control over your own life. Are you ready? Keep reading. Want to stay where you are? Stop NOW.

You might not like the idea, but I can see straight through you.

Through your pain.

Through your excuses for not having time to exercise.

You keep giving your power away sister. If you keep seeking for internal peace and happiness with blaming your environment, I can tell you, you will end up miserable and with all kind of dis-eases.

For blaming your children for not being able to meditate.
For staying resentful about things in your past.

I am sorry to break the bad news for you, but no one, I will repeat myself, NO ONE, came to this earth to make you happy.

If you want to stop feeling sorry for yourself, there is only one way.
And that way is reclaiming your inner power.

Realizing that YOU have all the power within to get exactly what you want.
So you don’t need anxiety or physical pain anymore to keep you safe and secure.

You have to realize that what you are telling yourself over and over again IN YOUR HEAD are just words that grownups putted there when you were a child. If you still give your power away to people in your past, please, stop being a string puppet. It is not serving you.

Let’s change this. Trust, freedom and power are all at your fingertips.

How do I know? Because I was there. And I see how the women I work with, change, let go, break free and start living all the way!

Soo… some tough love today… I did it… I still love you. A lot. You are worth to live your life to the max!

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