Not feeling well?

I like to feel good.
I like to get things the way I want it.
I like to feel good and get things the way I want it now.
And often, when I am well aligned, I do.
And it will feel great!
And most and for all, I want to keep it that way. Like, now. And like, forever.

But it doesn’t work that way…

We learn to know what we want, by experiencing what we DON’T want.
So it wouldn’t be helpful at ALL to always feel good.
To always get what I want.

I need the shitty days.
Rainy days and dreadful days.

Just to remind me what I don’t want. So I can align myself with what I DO want.

Do you see the pattern here?

You don’t have to strive for good and great and happy all the time. It is impossible. And not so fun at ALL.

So if you are in a shitty place right now, congrats! Check in with yourself. What is so horrible? What is the opposite from this feeling that I DO want to experience?

Enjoy your playtime!

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