I knew what I wanted. I felt determined to lose 5 kilograms. I formulated my goal and worked really hard. And that was exactly how it felt, like hard work. Whatever I did, it just didn’t happen. How annoying, come …

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How to save hours a week

Last week I was listening to a conversation, it started like this: ” How are you?” “I am ok, the usual, you know, busy.” Familiar? Just having the feeling there are just not enough hours in the day? It wasn’t the easiest …

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“What you focus on is what you get”. I felt so confused about that line. What do you mean, what you focus on is what you get? If I am facing a problem that is preventing me from being present, from …

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A key step for attracting more of the things you love, is to focus on all the things you are grateful for. With doing that, it means that your energy level will be in a state of gratitude and joy and even more great things will come your way. A great first step is to start your day with a gratitude journal. That is so important, because with starting the day in peace and joy, you will set a great intention for the day. That means, that if you feel off track and go back to your gratitude and intention of the morning, you instantly focus on what is most important for you.

Step 1: Give yourself the gift of a beautiful journal

This first step gives you the opportunity to give yourself a nice gift. Buying an appealing, beautiful gratitude journal is half the fun! You can also choose to make your journal in your phone or your laptop but in a decade where we already are so focused on screens, it can it be a little gift to not start your day on a screen but with an actual journal and a nice pen. A journal that you can cherish and take with you and look back at after a while.

Step 2: Start writing

Open your journal in the morning. If you already have a ritual for a morning meditation, you can integrate journaling with that. You can just write whatever you like. Showing your gratitude will help you be grateful for all that you have. What if your life will be paused right now, what is it that you already have that gives you a feeling of being rich and loved? There is no right or wrong. You can write the same thing every day, you can write a whole list, you can have a day where you are just grateful for getting out of bed.

Step 3: Set an intention

When you have written down all the things you are grateful for, you are ready to set an intention for the day. Setting an intention, gives you a powerful guideline during the day for the state you want to be in. For example: my intention for today is joy. Or my intention for the day is focus. In the beginning, it can be useful to set an alarm in your phone so you can be reminded of this intention during the day.

Step 4: close your day

A powerful way to reflect on your day, I closing your day with your journal. Reflect on your intention, what have you done to live up to it? What can you acknowledge yourself for? What successes can you celebrate with being joy or being focused? Closing the day gives you the opportunity to see all the great and amazing things you have achieved during the day. You can read more about your definition of success in my previous blog.

And with journaling , you will build your muscle with focusing on the things you are grateful for. Follow these steps to start your gratitude ritual. The good thing about focusing on gratitude, you can’t focus on fear. Together with setting an intention, you release inner power to be able to manifest way more than you thought you were capable of!

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